EZC Presents – Trains of Terror

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HORROR EXPRESS (1972, dir. Eugenio Martin)
In the early 1900s, anthropologist Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee) unearths in China what he believes to be the scientific find of the new century: the centuries-old frozen body of a gigantic ape-like man, a veritable “missing link.” Booking a ticket on the train back to Europe with his crated-up, but still very healthy discovery, he joins an international group of passengers on a nightmarish adventure aboard the Horror Express, including a game of discovery with rival scientist Dr. Wells (Peter Cushing).
Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Telly Savalas as a Cossack, a Rasputin-esque evil monk and a rampaging caveman, all on a train. What more could you want in a film?

AMOK TRAIN aka BEYOND THE DOOR 3 (1989, dir.Jeff Kwitny)
A group of America college students travel to Serbia to witness an ancient ritual. Unbeknownst to them, one of their number is the Chosen One of a Satanic cult, who will stop at nothing to ritually mate her with The Big Man Down Stairs. Soon, they’re fleeing for their lives on a runaway train that has been hijacked by an infernal power.
Features Bo Svenson as a creepy professor, some top notch toothless hag action, dwarves, gypsies, Eastern European sterotypes that would shame Borat and surprisingly good special effects and cinematography.

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The B-Team have done it again!

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Once again the B Team has a fantastic special guest coming to join them in the Crypt. Bobby Rhodes, star of both Demons and Demons 2, will be in attendance on Monday 24th October to accompany a double bill screening of both movies. As usual there will be a Q&A session, signings and some of the greatest merchandise to ever visit the B-Team.

Tickets are available now (£5) from the Jekyll and check out the T-Shirts that Bobby will be bringing along, one of which to be given away in a prize draw after the Q&A.

Full details on Facebook.

All Night Horror Madness at The Cameo

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The lovely Cameo cinema here in Edinburgh is doing another all night event. Hopefully lots of us can make us along!

Ever popular during the 1980s, the classic “all night horror” experience had seemingly disappeared from UK cinemas forever. But after two complete sell-out shows there can be little doubt that ALL NIGHT HORROR MADNESS marks its triumphant, bloodthirsty return from the grave…

Join us at the (officially haunted) CAMEO CINEMA to devour a third, stunning selection of stonewall horror classics on the big screen. Through the entire night of Saturday 15th October 2011…

Watch four crazy horror movies IN A ROW. But be warned, this may be our finest, bloodiest line-up yet! Expect a rollercoaster ride of thrills, chills, shocks and remorseless on-screen carnage.

Featuring the unhinged 70s LSD-bald maniac oddity BLUE SUNSHINE…John Carpenter’s ultimate slasher horror epic HALLOWEEN…The bizarre, gore-drenched mind-trip that is PIECES…And Sam Raimi’s outrageous video nasty epic THE EVIL DEAD (in all it’s uncut, ferocious glory)…4 more ultra-rare screenings of the goriest, scariest, funniest and craziest films in horror movie history…3 films screened from vintage 35mm prints…Plus vintage horror movie trailers and a free raffle!


Saturday 15th October 2011

11pm-Early. £15.50/£14.50(conc.). Book early to avoid disappointment on/at: 0871 9025723 or


EZC Presents – When Animals Attack!

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Razorback (1984, Australia). Director: Russell Mulcahy

A giant mutant razorback pig terrorises various people in the Australian Outback, although no-one really cares until it starts killing Americans too. There’s a comedy pair of fairly nasty kangaroo hunters, and a vaguely environmental, pre-Steve Irwin message about the importance of not turning Australia’s unique wildlife into pet food, but, really, it’s all about waiting for the big giant pig to turn up and kill someone else. It’s all quite heavily visually stylised and dramatically lit, in a 1980s music video kind of way…..which can’t be that much of a surprise, since director Russell Mulcahy had previously worked on videos for Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet et al (and would go on to direct Highlander, among other things).

Wild Beasts (1984, Italy). Director: Franco Prosperi

A zoo has its water contaminated by PCP, sending the animals berserk. Unfortunately, this coincides with an electrical fault that opens all the cages. What was the chances of that happening? Maddened wild animals rampage round the city – polar bears chomp down on school kids, elephants stomp heads, a tiger menances a trainload of trapped commuters and cheetahs chase cars. Something for all fans of animal attacks. The plot’s virtually non-existant, but who cares when elephants are making planes crash?


Beasts: During Barty’s Party (1976, UK). Director: Don Leaver

In the mid 70s, some level of highly admirable insanity prevailed at ITV, leading them to commission Nigel Kneale – creator of Quatermass and many other fine things – to write a series of one-off stories, all linked by the theme of the bestial. During Barty’s Party is one of the best of the run, starting slowly but becoming increasingly fraught, and combining traditional British TV drawing room drama with James Herbert style guignol involving super-intelligent packs of flesh-hungry rats. The TV budget-friendly formula is simple; trap two emotionally fragile characters in a remote location, and then let the writing (and the sound-effects of thousands of hungry and frantic floorboard-gnawing rats) do the rest…


Phase IV (1974, USA) Director: Saul Bass

The only full-length feature film that Saul Bass – much-celebrated and much-imitated creator of some of the most famous poster designs and title sequences in movie history – ever directed. Which is a pity, since it’s a curious and surprisingly thoughtful piece about ants super-evolving into a hive mind and combining forces against their natural enemy – humans. The plot is secondary to the mood and visual direction, many questions you might ask are left unanswered, but, in term of building tension and creating its own odd and increasingly unsettling vibe, it’s definitely one to remember.


Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002, Israel). Director: some guy whose only excuse would have to be that he needed the money for his child’s kidney operation, or something

The film that gave the world its first taste of John Barrowman: Action Hero, and in which man himself does his all to live up to Dead Ringers’ description of him as “the Pound Shop Tom Cruise”. What’s not to love here? It’s set in Mexico, but really filmed in Bulgaria. There’s a character called Chuck Rampart in it, and he owns his own torpedo, and we learn that giant sharks apparently make strange grunting sounds underwater. The best bit: Barrowman unveils his best hetero-guy smoothy chat-up line, and gets some hot lady-lovin’ action as a result. The second best bit: Barrowman Does Science.

Phenomena (1985, Italy). Director: Dario Argento

Aka ‘Creepers’, also aka ‘the tipping point, where it all started to go wrong with Argento films, and we would eventually end up with Mother of Tears’. We’re not there yet, though, and this is all good fun, with many of the familiar Argento tropes all present and correct. Female members of Dario’s family are stalked and killed. A young and pretty thing arrives at some well dodgy-sounding school for girls. There’s a pit full of something nasty for the young and pretty thing to fall into. A straight razor is used to deadly effect. There’s also a very young Jennifer Connelly before she could act, and some bonkers stuff involving a chimp with attitude and the use of psychically-controlled insects to solve crime, hence why we’re including it here. Main WTF element: Donald Pleasence’s Scottish accent.









EZC Podcast – Evil Islands

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If you’ve listened before then you know what you’re letting yourself in for. The usual warnings about content and sensitive ears very much apply here. If any of the following make you twitch then best stay away: goats, farmers, islands, Fred West and bulls’ semen.

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EZC Presents – Video Nasty Night 2: Evil Islands

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THE SLAYER (1982, dir JS Cardone)
In the early morning hours of a cold and gloomy day, two young couples awake and begin preparations for a long awaited vacation. None of them anticipate the web of diabolical terror which awaits them on the isolated retreat they have chosen. Only Kay knows the existence of The Slayer and only then in the dark realms of her nightmares. But imagination is about to become reality as the maniacal, inanimate things which inhabit Kay’s nightmares are unleashed upon the real world…
A really atomspheric film, with some nicely staged, gory deaths, predating Nightmare On Elm Street with it’s idea of a dream based killer by several years.
ISLAND OF DEATH (1975, dir.Nico Mastorakis)
A British couple on a break on a small Greek Island, spreading terror beyond anything the Islanders could have ever imagined, but will they go unpunished, or the inspector from London will be able to put an end to their killing spree?
A fairly unusual inversion of the usual tourists in peril movie, it still remains pretty nasty to this day.
7.00PM, FREE.
Bring your unwanted DVDs for the swap box.

Mmmm, beer

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Club regular of the past (come back to us!) Gavin has sent us a picture of what surely must be Scott’s favourite beer.

EZC Podcast – Dwarfsploitation

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If you thought we talked shite before, wait until you hear us dismiss all movies done on digital cameras as shite and spend 15 minutes moaning about the biggest arts festival around. To be fair, festival goers do walk really slowly and get right in your way!

Usual warnings about the faint hearted, easily offended, yadda yadda yadda.


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EZC Podcast – Video Nasties

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We’re back, we’re as offensive as ever, and you have been warned.

This month, some of the films we talk about are:

And lots, lots more. So many I got bored of writing them down. Just ask if you need links.


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EZC Presents : Dwarfsploitation Night

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PENITENTIARY III (1987, dir. Jamaa Fanaka)
Drugged and betrayed by his own cornerman during a boxing match, ‘Too  Sweet’ Gordone (Leon Isaac Kennedy) ends up killing his opponent and being sentenced to hard time in a surreal prison where inmates are pawns in a series of brutal fights that are controlled by the sadistic and fey ‘Serenghetti’ (Anthony Geary in a seriously nutty role) despite the attempts by the relatively humane warden (Ric Mancini) to retake control of his prison by putting up his own fighters against the massive killers owned by the crimelord in order to win everything..
Being a professional boxer, ‘Too Sweet’ is immediately in demand by both sides for the matches but refuses to play the game for either, which results in Serenghetti releasing his ultimate terror from the dungeon (yeah, there’s a

full-on dungeon below the cells) to wreak havok on the prisoner – the Midnight Thud (The Haiti Kid).  I could go on for pages about the character of the Thud, a crack smoking dwarf rapist with a taste for oranges and the apparent ability to fly by spinning his arms wildly and growling, but it would take away from the WTF factor of the film.  Let’s just call him the greatest character ever written to film and leave it at that.

After their confrontation, Too Sweet is sent to the depths of the prison to rot and his only friend in the jail is set up for a painful fight with the prison’s best boxer, See Veer (Danny Trejo – only 2 years out of maximum security prison in real life and just starting his movie career) and beaten nearly to death.  The only thing that can save the day now is if the Midnight Thud suddenly reveals himself to be a wise, Yoda-like source of wisdom and martial arts training advice who can train Too Sweet for his big fight by slamming a doorknob into his stomach and screaming ‘GUTS!!!’ repeatedly.  But just how likely is that?

FOR YOUR HEIGHT ONLY (1981, dir.Eddie Nicart)
Mr. Giant has kidnapped the brilliant Dr. Van Kohler and is planning to use the Doctor’s invention, the N-bomb, to hold the world hostage. The only one who can foil Mr. Giant’s evil scheme is Agent 00, a 3-foot-tall filipino martial arts master, expert marksman, top-class romancer and all-around superspy. Can Agent 00 rescue Dr. Kohler before it’s too late? A riot of bad dubbing, even worse shirts and improbable gadgets.
Starring Weng Weng in his first lead role, would who became a bit of a celebrity in the Phillipines in the 80s as an actor and martial artist, even becoming friends with Imelda Marcos. At 2ft 9, he’s quite probably the shortest ever lead in an action movie… though he’s no Midnight Thud.
7.00PM, FREE!