EZC Presents – Save The Green Killer Robots Night!

SAVE THE GREEN PLANET (2003, dir. Jang Jun-Hwan)

This is a jaw-droppingly bizarre movie from Korea that mixes scenes of gruesome torture and violence with comedy and heartbreaking profundity.

Perhaps as a result of too many amphetamines and violent incidents in his past, beekeeper Lee Byeong Gu (Sin Ha-Gyun) has become convinced that an unscrupulous business tycoon (Kan Man-Shik) is actually an alien from the planet Andromeda. Lee’s frumpy acrobat girlfriend (Hwang Jung-Min) helps him abduct the ‘alien’ and torture him into confessing. Meanwhile, a hangdog detective is following a trail leading to Lee’s hideout high in the mountains.

Let the timid be warned: this is not the antipollution comedy that the title might indicate. Man’s inhumanity to man is certainly depicted–as in events like Korea’s 1980 Kwangju riots–but there’s more going on here than any one summation could describe: bees attack, a pet dog named Earth dines on human remains, alternate theories of evolution are posited (ie Noah’s Ark was a deep submarine carrying DNA samples); an entire lifetime of films, political turmoil, anime and manga are boiled down and distilled into one profound, multi-textual allegory.

Adventurous viewers will be in for one hell of a ride, as this film dares go where few have gone before, yet it does so with heart and intellect to match its wicked humor and headlong momentum.

RUNAWAY(1984, dir. Michael Crichton)

A police sergeant goes up against an evil electronics whiz in this fast-paced, futuristic thriller.

Ramsey is a widowed cop trying to raise his young son, Bobby. Although he suffers from a fear of heights, this condition hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the best officers on the force. His specialty is tracking down robots that have gone bad, rebelling against their owners. And because machines have taken over many regular tasks — even cooking — in this futuristic society, there’s always a need for Ramsey’s services. Now, however, he has his toughest assignment yet. Luther, a master criminal, is terrorizing the city by controlling robots everywhere to do his bidding. And, with the help of new, diabolical creations that include electronic spiders and heat-seeking, programmable bullets, Luther seems unstoppable. Will Ramsey and Thompson, his new, female partner, be able to stop the villain?

7.00PM, FREE!

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