EZC 2nd Birthday – Backwoods Horror Night

JUST BEFORE DAWN (1981, dir Jeff Lieberman)

1981’s Just Before Dawn is one of the best tales of wilderness horror out there. It’s one of the finest-made slashers of the 80’s and it easily blows movies like The Final Terror, Don’t Go in the Woods, or The Prey out of the water.

A group of young adults come to check out the mountain property that one of the group has just bought. However they are not alone in the wild. A hulking in-bred murderer, who seems to be in two places at once, is lurking and apparently hates trespassers.
Director Lieberman, who gave us such great B films as Squirm (1976) and Blue Sunshine (1977), does an excellent job with this smart thriller as well. The movie is nicely atmospheric, with a creeping sense of tension and some strong suspense. This film makes even the open wilderness seem frighteningly claustrophobic. The Oregon locations are beautiful and well captured by the crafty cinematography. The music score is a true original and awesome in contrast with the scenic visuals.

Deborah Benson makes for a great lead, her presence was captivating. Gregg Henry delivers a good performance as Benson’s lover and Chris Lemon provides some occasional charisma. The supporting cast, especially veteran actor Kennedy, also does quite well.
A true gem of the slasher genre, that needs no gore to thrill

NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1980, dir James C Wasson)
An anthropology professer takes his class into the woods to seek the legendary Bigfoot, and boy, do they find him! This is one pissed off mystery primate, who proceeds to off a succession of campers in a variety of gruesome ways.

Not to be confused with the classic 1950s British film with the same name, this is possibly THE greatest killer Bigfoot film ever made, delivering on what The Legend Of Boggy Creek II promised on its cover but failed to deliver on celluoid. Banned in the UK on its inital release, crammed full of all the usual EZC staples; bad acting, over the top gore and a truly bizarre plot twist, plus a creature costume that would shame 1970s Doctor Who.

This film will make you scared to pee in the woods ever again.

7.00PM, FREE!

This will also be EZC’s second birthday, so I dare say some of us will be hanging back for a drink after the films to celebrate, so feel free to join us.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the all day event as well.

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