Edinburgh Zombie Club Presents: Italian Post-Apocalyptic Night!

2019, After The Fall Of New York (aka. 2019 – Dopo la caduta di New York) – Dir. Sergio Martino, 1983

Sergio Martino’s wonderful Italian rip off has to be seen in all it’s leather studded glory and will no doubt become an EZC favourite, you’ll recognise blatant nods to Planet of Apes, Road Warrior, Logan’s Run, Death Race and Escape From New York through out, but there’s enough camp hijinx and fun to get away with it all. It’s certainly the apex in Italian plagiarist sci-fi and easily one of the better films to come out that era, alongside the likes of Enzo Castellari’s Bronx Warriors and New Barbarians. Filled with ridiculous costumes, car chases, bad model skyscrapers, a bizarre fertility subplot and the usual script inconsistencies – “2019” is a real treat for both Post Apocalyptic aficionados and new jacks alike, it also has some of best VHS artwork of the 80’s era, hands down.

Endgame (aka. Bronx lotta finale) – Dir. Joe D’Amato, 1983

Mr. Sleaze bag himself, Joe D’Amato, had a crack at the Post Apocalyptic genre with this ditty. Made up of an inept cast more famous for their porn credits than acting ability – “Endgame” depicts the a post nuclear fall out New York in 2025 where a Running Man-esque TV programme rules the roost and our lead character (the very expressionless) Al Civer is the bait for a plethora of end level boss types. It’s completely daft and predictable, but keep an eye for the rapey fish men which have to be seen to be believed – a nice mutant twist on the sub-genre. A lot of it appears to have been filmed on location in an abandoned quarry too, so nil point for originality, but it makes up for it with some pretty cool fights and weird SS Officer types strutting about like they own the place.

Wednesday 31st March from 7pm onwards. Upstairs in the top floor studio of the GRV, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh. Just head straight up the staircase on your left hand side after entering the front door. Free entry as always!

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