EZC Presents : A Deathly Double Bill

Death Race 2000 (1975, dir. Paul Bartel)
Welcome to the year 2000, now a place plagued by a lack of morals and political unrest. The only thing that society looks forward to is the three-day Transcontinental Death Race, a high-speed competition that is won by the driver who collects the most points by killing spectators and pedestrians. But this year the drivers have something to worry about other than getting killed by rival contestants: there is a group of anti-race activists trying to stop the race for good. The games all-time champion, Frankenstein (David Carradine), takes on such colorful characters as Machine Gun Joe Viterbo (Sylvester Stallone), Calamity Jane, Nero The Hero and Matilda The Hun.
Dystopian automotive mayhem that predated most other road warrior movies by a good half decade.
Death Wish 3 (1985,dir.Michael Winner)
Architect and part time vigilante Paul Kersey arrives back in New York City. A gang of punks kills his friend, he gets his collar felt by some rubbish cops and before you know it he’s back on the streets, waging war against the trash who’re terrorising the neighbourhood, organising the locals to fight back.
By far and away the most┬áridiculous of the Death Wish films, it’s hard to believe that Winner wasn’t having a laugh when he made this over the top gem, as Bronson merrily slaughters punks left, right and centre, with elephant guns, belt fed machine guns and rocket launchers. Throw in some hilarious one liners and extremely camp┬ávillains, this is a laugh riot from beginning to end.
Wednesday 29th May
The Banshee Labyrinth
Niddry St, Edinburgh
7.30pm, free
Aalso, quick reminder about our Best Of The Zombie Club All Dayer featuring:
Death Line
Rome Armed To The Teeth
Penitentiary 3
Taoism Drunkard
Sunday 2nd June, from 12.30pm at the Banshee, free!

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