EZC Presents : The Best of EZC All Dayer!

Best of EZC!

To celebrate Edinburgh Zombie Club’s fifth birthday in June, we’re going to revisit some of our favourite films we’ve shown over the years in one glorious all day event. We’ll be showing:

  •  Death Line
  • Hausu
  • Rome Armed To The Teeth
  • Penitentiary 3
  • Taoism Drunkard
Death Line (aka. Raw Meat) – (1972), directed by Gary Sherman
Something deeply unpleasant is taking place between Holburn and Russell Square station, when a civil servant disappears on the underground over night, Detective Calhoun leads an investigation into the cannibalistic world of Death Line . Loosely based on the antics of Ayreshire’s very own Sawney Beane family, Pleasence as Calhoun is a total scene stealer from beginning to end. A British cult classic, watch out for Christopher Lee’s creepy cameo as an MI5 spook!
Hausu (1977) – directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi
Oshare and her school buddies decide to go on holiday to visit her grandmother in the countryside, only to discover that her nan is actually a stiff and the house is haunted with blood projecting lampshades, man eating pianos and floating heads. This is an utterly surreal and entertaining romp which could only come from Nihon.
Rome Armed To The Teeth  dir. Umberto Lenzi, 1976
Inspector Leonardo Tanzi is a tough detective working the dangerous streets of Rome.He’s taken off the streets as his pansy waist bosses don’t like his brutal methods but with Tanzi out of action, the gangsters start a wild crime wave, banks are robbed, children are kidnapped, people are killed, and it’s all up to Tanzi to set things straight. Super charismatic Tomas Milian is stupendous as the wisecracking hunchback psycho villain who occasionally likes to gratuitously machine gun innocent bystanders.
A classic slab of Eurocrime, it cemented it’s place in our hearts  with it’s over the top violence, endless ball kickings and  extravagant moustaches.
PENITENTIARY III (1987, dir. Jamaa Fanaka)
Fitted up and sent down, ‘Too Sweet’ Gordone ends up being sentenced to hard time in a surreal prison where inmates are pawns in a series of brutal fights that are controlled by the sadistic and fey Serenghetti. Being a professional boxer, ‘Too Sweet’ is immediately in demand by both sides for the matches but refuses to play the game for either, which results in Serenghetti releasing his ultimate terror from the dungeon to wreak havoc on the prisoner – the Midnight Thud (The Haiti Kid). I could go on for pages about the character of the Thud, a crack smoking dwarf bum rapist with a taste for oranges and the apparent ability to fly by spinning his arms wildly and growling, but it would take away from the WTF factor of the film. Let’s just call him the greatest character ever written to film and the reason this film has legendary status among the ranks of the Zombie Club.
Taoism Drunkard (1984, dir Yuen Cheung-Yan)
Any attempt to explain the plot of Taoism Drunkard would ultimately prove as futile as it is utterly unnecessary. Directed by and starring the brother of legendary martial arts choreographer Yuen Wo Ping, it is 89 minutes of no-budget non-stop kung fu chaos. What more could you ask for than a drunken kung fu priest who drives around town in a small wicker rat? A wannabe hustler attempting to woo a grieving widow by dressing as a 6ft flaccid dildo (but is thwarted by a bad case of crabs)? and a transvestite grandmother who’s unorthodox style of kung fu is at its most deadly after a few tokes on her trusty hash pipe, or when wielding a ridiculously massive cardboard sword?…Not to mention what must be cinema’s most chilling and ferocious rubber suited monster, straight from the bowels of hell itself, the unstoppable cock-hungry Banana Monster.
All of which is packaged together with plenty of surprisingly inventive and energetic kung fu, and cheekily (if not necessarily accurately) subtitled for comedy value by someone you presume probably should know better. Words simply cannot do justice to this sadly neglected classic of 80s Hong Kong nonsense! Possibly the funniest film we’ve ever shown.
Sunday 2nd June
The Banshee Labyrinth
Niddry St
doors 12.30pm

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