EZC Presents – Holidays From Hell

Race With The Devil

Two couples taking a motor home trip trip in the American south rubberneck what they think is a hippie orgy, only to discover it’s a murderous Satanic ritual. They make a blundering getaway, only to be pursued across the state by the Satanists, who’re hellbent on sending them to the big man downstairs.

A great mix of backwoods horror with the Satanic scare movies popular at the time, this is a fantastic movie, with some great action sequences and a creepy, paranoid atmosphere there doesn’t let up until the unforgettable ending.

Sleepaway Camp

Slightly disturbed and painfully shy Angela Baker is sent away to summer camp with her cousin. Not long after Angela’s arrival, things start to go horribly wrong for anyone with sinister or less than with sinister or less than honorable intentions.
Not the goriest of slasher movies but its twist ending ensured its place in horror history.

This month’s night is on the 29th of August and, as always, we’ll be starting at 7:30pm in the Banshee Labyrinth. This month we’re proud to be part of Scala Beyond!

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