EZC Presents Mentalist Martial Arts Night

Taoism Drunkard (1984, dir Yuen Cheung-Yan)
Any attempt to explain the plot of Taoism Drunkard would ultimately prove as futile as it is utterly unnecessary.  Directed by and starring the brother of legendary martial arts choreographer Yuen Wo Ping, it is 89 minutes of no-budget non-stop kung fu chaos.  What more could you ask for than a drunken kung fu priest who drives around town in a small wicker rat? A wannabe hustler attempting to woo a grieving widow by dressing as a 6ft flaccid dildo (but is thwarted by a bad case of crabs), and a transvestite grandmother who’s unorthodox style of kung fu is at its most deadly after a few tokes on her trusty hash pipe, or when wielding a ridiculously massive cardboard sword?
Not to mention what must be cinema’s most chilling and ferocious rubber suited monster, straight from the bowels of hell itself, the unstoppable cock-hungry Banana Monster.
All of which is packaged together with plenty of surprisingly inventive and energetic kung fu, and cheekily (if not necessarily accurately) subtitled for comedy value by someone you presume probably should know better.  Words simply cannot do justice to this sadly neglected classic of 80s Hong Kong nonsense!
Undefeatable (1993, dir. Godfrey Ho)
Godfrey Ho has been responsible for no less than 120 of the most jaw droppingly dreadful – yet incredibly entertaining – motion pictures never seen, and is widely considered the Chinese Ed Wood.
He pulled out all the stops for 1993’s Undefeatable, an East meets West martial arts epic of uncompromising ineptitude starring none other than 5 time World Karate champion Cynthia Rothrock herself.  Here she’s thoroughly upstaged by the psychotic permed-mullet of serial rapist Stingray, who’s every appearance on screen proves more hilarious than the last, culminating in a series of astounding ear gougingly over the top fight scenes.  A worthy contender for best bad movie ever.
As always, we’ll be at the Banshee Labyrinth from 7pm and entry is free!

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