All Night Horror Madness at The Cameo

The lovely Cameo cinema here in Edinburgh is doing another all night event. Hopefully lots of us can make us along!

Ever popular during the 1980s, the classic “all night horror” experience had seemingly disappeared from UK cinemas forever. But after two complete sell-out shows there can be little doubt that ALL NIGHT HORROR MADNESS marks its triumphant, bloodthirsty return from the grave…

Join us at the (officially haunted) CAMEO CINEMA to devour a third, stunning selection of stonewall horror classics on the big screen. Through the entire night of Saturday 15th October 2011…

Watch four crazy horror movies IN A ROW. But be warned, this may be our finest, bloodiest line-up yet! Expect a rollercoaster ride of thrills, chills, shocks and remorseless on-screen carnage.

Featuring the unhinged 70s LSD-bald maniac oddity BLUE SUNSHINE…John Carpenter’s ultimate slasher horror epic HALLOWEEN…The bizarre, gore-drenched mind-trip that is PIECES…And Sam Raimi’s outrageous video nasty epic THE EVIL DEAD (in all it’s uncut, ferocious glory)…4 more ultra-rare screenings of the goriest, scariest, funniest and craziest films in horror movie history…3 films screened from vintage 35mm prints…Plus vintage horror movie trailers and a free raffle!


Saturday 15th October 2011

11pm-Early. £15.50/£14.50(conc.). Book early to avoid disappointment on/at: 0871 9025723 or

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