EZC Presents – A-Zombie-In-The-Title Double Bill

Zombie Creeping Flesh (1981) aka. Night of the Zombies, Virus, Cannibal Virus, Zombie Inferno, Zombies of the Savannah and Hell of the Living Dead, etc! – Directed by Bruno Mattei

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a proper ZOMBIE night so kicking off will be the shlocker-cum-Romero rip-off of Zombie Creeping Flesh, to use one out of the dozens of alternative title’s its had over the years. It’s truly an enjoyable stinker; you’ll see blatant plagiarisms from Dawn of The Dead and Zombi 2, to Cannibal Holocaust/Ferox and the Mondo Cane films, even to the extent of using stock footage and stealing some of Goblin’s soundtrack. The army is sent out to a remote part of Papa New Guinea to investigate a chemical accident, before stumbling upon a film crew in the jungle who have discovered a sinister plot which has turned the natives into hungry flesh rippers – you can see where this is going. Despite lacking in originality, it has enough going for it to tick the usual EZC boxes with loads of entertaining deaths, unintelligible dialogue and some decent enough set pieces.

Followed by…

Hard Rock Zombies (1985) – Directed by Krishna Shah

Here’s some real B-movie stupidity which just oozes of the mid-1980’s. Imagine if the mulleted metal kids of “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” were employed to star in a nonsensical romp regarding a hair metal band with a penchant for incredibly young looking girls, who have to battle the walking corpses of dead rockers, a Zombie version of Hitler and his werewolf madame, Eva Braun. Throw in some horrendous musical and dance montages, midgets, statutory rape, skateboards, plenty of nudity and inept special effects – and you’ve got Hard Rock Zombies. The over-used expression of “they don’t make em like they used to” can honestly be applied here, it’s totally moronic and utterly entertaining. This might outdo “Hausu” on the WTF-o-meter, a dubious VHS classic.

Wednesday 27th January from 7pm onwards. Upstairs in the top floor studio of the GRV, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh. Just head straight up the staircase on your left hand side after entering the front door. Free entry!

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