EZC Presents – Eurocrime Night II


MILANO CALIBRO 9 (1972, dir. Ferando di Leo)

Small-time gangster Ugo Piazza (Gastone Moschin) gets released from prison. He tries to convince the police, the mafia, his psychotic ex-friend Rocco (Mario Adorf) and his girlfriend Nelly Bordon (Barbara Bouchet) that he wants to go straight, but everyone believes he has $300,000 of stolen money hidden somewhere. Fernando Di Leo directed this known poliziottescho with an amazing cast, including a memorable badass performance by Gastone Moschin & an over the top Mario Adorf.

First part of Di Leo’s trilogy and one of the most emblematic italian crime thrillers.

ALMOST HUMAN (1974, dir. Umberto Lenzi)

Giulio Sacchi is a psychotic small-time thief with a chip on his shoulder who’s leaving a slew of dead bodies all over Milan. Now he’s got a plan to make a quick and easy 500 million Lira: Kidnap the daughter of a local billionaire and hold her for ransom. And nothing is going to stop Giulio from getting his money – not even Inspector Walter Grandi, Milan’s toughest cop who’s hot on Sacchi’s trail. Now, the police are racing to find the kidnapped girl and stop the ticking time bomb that is Giulio Sacchi before he explodes and leaves more death and carnage in his wake.

ALMOST HUMAN is a gritty and exciting polizia thriller from director Umberto Lenzi (NIGHTMARE CITY, MAN FROM DEEP RIVER) and screenwriter Ernesto Gstaldi (MY NAME IS NOBODY, THE CASE OF THE SCORPION’S TAIL). Filled with tough, brutal and bloody action sequences, it contains powerful performances from Tomas Milan (TRAFFIC, BOCCACCIO 70) as the “almost human” Sacchi and screen legend Henry Silva (OCEAN’S ELEVEN, THE TALL T, and ABOVE THE LAW) as Grandi, with a memorable score from legendary composer Ennio Morricone.

7.00PM, FREE!

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