EZC Presents…The Ones That Got Away

THE GRAPES OF DEATH (AKA Les raisins de la mort) dir. Jean Rollin

Brigitte Lahaie stars as a woman whose vacation goes tits up when she finds herself in a town full of zombies. She begins to think the town winery has got something to do with these evil transformations. Could the pesticides used on the grapes be responsible for all this madness?
Originally planned for a Jess Franco/Jean Rollin double bill we did in August 2009, the Brass Monkey decided they’d need to clear the pub for a horde of tourists who failed to materialise, despite telling us months in advance us having a night in August wasn’t a problem…

STREET FIGHTER (AKA Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken), dir Shigehiro Ozawa

Terry is a tough, mercenary, master of martial arts. When an important business magnate dies, leaving billions to his daughter, the Mafia and Yakuza try to hire Terry to kidnap the daughter. When they refuse to meet his exorbitant price, then try to kill him to conceal their secret plans, he promptly offers his services to protect her. Much ultra-violent martial-arts fighting action
ensues. Conceived as an Enter The Dragon inspired chop-socky fest, Street Fighter rapidly gained infamy for its over the top violence, being the first film to be film ever to gain an X rating purely for it’s violence.

Originally due to be shown in our 1974 night last May but the projector broke down.

7.00PM, FREE!


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