EZC Presents…Irish Night

Contrary to what you may have heard, this month’s films will be shown this coming Wednesday and not Tuesday. So it’s life as normal then.

DEAD MEAT (2004, dir.Conor McMahon)
Hell on Earth is unleashed when a mutated strain of mad cow disease infects
the countryside turning people into ravenous flesh eating zombies. Caught
amid the chaos is Helena, a young Spanish tourist and Desmond, the local
grave digger. Together this unlikely duo must fight for survival or become
the main course in a zombie feast.

A thoroughly entertaining gory black comedy.

FATAL DEVIATION (1998, dir. Shay Casserley & Simon Linscheid)
A young kenpo karate martial artist returns home after ten years in reform
school on a quest to find out who murdered his father. He is befriended by
an old monk and a local Irish beauty. His search takes him to the
prestigious Bealtaine Martial Arts Tournament. Together with his past, the
good guy is drawn into conflict with the local drug baron and his son, and
the conflict makes the young man face his fathers death in a way he could
never have imagined.

One of the best awful films you’ll ever see, no description can ever do
justice to the deluded genius of this film. The lead thought he was going to
be the next Jean Claude Van Damme, and roped  various other locals into
starring in the film- his mentor was actually the local tramp, the villain
is a solicitor and his henchman is someone from Boyzone (no, really). The
acting is atrocious, the plot terrible and the stunts laughable, but I
guarantee you’ll enjoy this!

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