Walter Hill double bill

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Edinburgh Zombie Club Presents
Walter Hill double bill featuring…

Southern Comfort (1981, dir. Walter Hill)
A squad of boorish National Guardsman on exercise in the Louisiana bayou manage to aggravate a bunch of the local Cajuns. Without live ammunition, they must battle through the swamps while being pursued by an enemy utter in their element.
Combining some great cinematography, frenetic action sequences and a haunting Ry Cooder soundtrack, this is one of the best of the backwater violence movies, superior even to Deliverance.

Extreme Prejudice ( 1987, dir. Walter Hill)
In a town on the Texas/Mexico border, Texas Ranger Jack Benteen gets into a deadly battle with his former childhood friend turned drugs kingpin.Throw in a squad of CIA spooks trying to retrieve some government secrets, and this volatile mix explodes into all out war.
One of Hill’s lesser seen movies, this is basically a modern Western, with Hill’s Peckinpah influence right at the forefront- tons of slow motion, blood spraying gun battles. Throw in a solid B movie cast featuring the likes of Michael Ironside, Rip Torn and Powers Boothe and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable 90 minutes.

Wednesday 25th June
The Banshee Labyrinth
Niddry St,
7.30pm, free

Mmmm, beer

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Club regular of the past (come back to us!) Gavin has sent us a picture of what surely must be Scott’s favourite beer.